Going Paleo Pete Evans

Going Paleo is the only book you'll need to transform the way you eat and change the way you look and feel for good. This comprehensive and user-friendly guide shows you both why and how to go paleo and includes over 80 essential recipes to get you started. The recipes in Going Paleo are delicious, quick and highly nourishing. Breakfasts include Kale and Sweet Potato Tortilla and Paleo Parfait with Coconut Cream, while dinner might be Crispy-skinned Salmon with Celeriac Remoulade, Cauliflower Fried Rice with Bacon or a simple Lamb Moussaka. Going Paleo is for everyone who is interested in good health and eating real food - food that our ancestors would have recognised, that is nutrient dense and that provides our body with the right kind of fuel to perform at its absolute best.