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Simply Clean Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Simply Clean's Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of sickness-causing germs, including cold and flu viruses, stomach bugs and other sicknesses we all want to avoid when out and about or whilst travelling. It's also helpful in the home after handwashing e.g when handling raw meats or cleaning up pet mess. It contains no toxins or sensitisers that irritate your skin, including triethanolamine (TEA), a skin irritant found in most well-known hand sanitisers. The pH 5.5 formula is perfect for skin compatibility, plus it's non-sticky and doesn't dry out your skin. The pure lemon myrtle oil gives a naturally antibacterial boost with an exceptionally beautiful fragrance.

I'ts earth safe AND human friendly, does not contain any animal products, has not been tested on animals and is palm oil free.