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Natural Evolution Green Banana Baking Flour 454g

A nutrient-packed, delicious and light, 100% natural gluten free flour made from green Cavendish bananas grown on the Atherton Tablelands in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.

  • A delicious, high fibre, nutrient-packed, gluten free flour that gives great results for your baking, every time
  • Gluten free baking that rises beautifully, giving your baking a light fluffy texture, delicious mild flavour and high nutrition
  • A unique, power-packed source of dietary fibre
  • Rich in prebiotic fibre resistant starch for optimum gut health—baking that loves your belly
  • High in essential minerals and vitamins—potassium, zinc, magnesium and manganese and Vitamin E
  • Transforms your baked treats into nutrient-rich health foods


  • 100% natural, biodynamically grown, green Australian Cavendish bananas
  • Free from gluten, grain, dairy, sugar, egg, nuts and soy
  • Suitable for vegans, paleo diets and people with gluten sensitivity