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Ulu Hye Nut Mylk Base Unsweetened 300g

Nut milk. The nutritious milk extracted from nuts. Simple, right? Wait! Read the label of a typical Nut milk container. It’s a battle between the undigestible and unpronounceable.

Sugars. Emulsifiers. Preservatives. Additives. Thickeners. Hmmmm.

Nut Mylk Base is changing all of that. Say goodbye to the nasties and dodgy words. Say hello to nutrition and simplicity.

It works like this. You need a jar of Nut Mylk Base. A spoon. Water. A blender. A handful of seconds. Combine. The result; fresh, homemade, creamy nut milk. 

Ingredients: raw cashews*, raw almonds*, raw macadamias*, mesquite*, arrowroot*, macrobiotic sea salt.
(*Australian Certified Organic)